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The Sask. Agricultural Graduates Association - A Brief Review

The idea for the Saskatchewan Agricultural Graduates' Association came when a group of seven enthusiastic Agros, namely Lucien "Gus" Bell, Murray S. Cooke, Maurice E. Hartnett, Ian S. McArthur, John Mitchell, O. R. "Red" Mooney and Solomon "Sol" Sinclair, met in Sol's room at the Bessborough Hotel during Farm and Home Week in January 1935. Thirty-two graduates met on May 10, 1935 in room 104 of the College Building (now Administration), and the Association was officially formed complete with a Constitution. The first executive met May 13, 1935. Originally, it was called the Saskatchewan Agricultural College Students' Association. It seems the term "College Students" was replaced by the word "Graduates" when the first Constitution was drawn up.

A plaque commemorating this meeting is on the wall where the former room 104 was located. The total membership in 1935 was 121. Annual General Meetings have been held each January since January 14, 1936. It is impressive that, although the Constitution has been frequently revised to remain current, the original objectives set out in it in 1935 remain identical today.

The SAGA has been active in many ways. It was of major assistance during the fund raising for the new Agriculture Building in the 1980's. SAGA was a founding member of the Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame in 1971-72. The Association publishes a Newsletter for members three times a year. It has supported student activities with both financial and volunteer help. Each year, it selects for recognition, Honorary Life members who have made contributions in the broadest sense to agriculture. Many reunion classes have funded endowments and/or scholarships in the College.

Membership in the SAGA now approaches 2000 and is growing. The annual Ag Grad Reunion events are mostly held in January when the Mixer, Banquet, and the Annual General Meeting are the main events. Most reunion groups organize their own separate social gatherings to add to the main events.

More details on the SAGA from 1935 to 1980 are in the Historical Review and Register of Graduates published in 1980. Forever Young followed in 2000 with both books being published by the SAGA. Updated lists of graduates and additional information about award winners and other major happenings of interest to grads up to 1999 appear in Forever Young.

The original Agro "group of seven" would be very impressed and proud of the high esteem the Association is held in today.