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Sodbusters Club Recognition

The Sodbusters (1983)

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After many years of delay in approval for the construction of a much-needed College of Agriculture Building, the Sodbusters, believing that further delays were unacceptable, took innovative action. With no guarantees that the approach would be effective, each contributed $1,000 to a fund to enable an architect to select a site and develop a concept and pictorial representations. They were right! Their faith in the University, the industry, and the concept gained support from the entire community and a commitment from Government.

Richard A. Acton

Ross Ashford

Herman M. Austenson

Bob & Joan Baker

J. Milton Bell, O.C., & Joan Bell

Peter & Della Bell

Rattan S. Bhatty

Jock & Mabel Blacklock

Guenter Blakenagel

Jack & Joan Braidek

Abe J. & Anna Brown

Jacob A. Brown, C.M., S.O.M., & Elizabeth Brown

The Honorable Sidney L. Buckwold

Bob Bullock

Walter Thomas Burns, C.M.

Russell J. Campbell

Gary C. Carlson

Robert Lindsay Carr

David & Jeanette Christensen

Magnus & Doris Christensen

Vincent O. Coffey

Douglas M. & Thelma Cole

George & Iva Cooper

Bill Cooper

Bill & Alma Copeland

Frank Arthur Deakin

Eeltje & Vivien de Jong

Bill & Jean Dinwoodie

Robert A. Dodds

Herbert J. Dow

Jack Drew

Barton & Ruth Drope

Jim G. Ellis

William A. & Louise Ewert

Robert W. & Patricia B. Ferrie

Glenn E. Flaten

F.J. Hartley & Margaret Fredeen

Howard Townley & Joan Fredeen

Frederick E. & Norma J. Fulton

Glenn & Edna Gadd

Charles W. Gibbings

Harry A. Gillespie

J. Harvey Gjesdal

Ross* & May Greenshields

Wes & Verna Greenshields

The Honorable Emmett M. Hall, C.C.

Lloyd C. Hanke

Bryan & Eileen Harvey

James R. Hay

Lorne F. Hehn

Forrest M. Hetland

John F. Hickie

Richard Hitchman

V.B. Holmes

Charles H. Hopkins

W. Harold Horner, S.O.M.

Ronald E. & Sandra Howarth

Eadric & Christine Hudson

Eiler S. & Jean Humbert

Delwyn Joseph John Jansen

Art & Bertha Johnson

Graham A. Jones

Frederick Wesley Kernen

Douglas R. Knott

Leo F. Kristjanson, C.M., & Jean Kristjanson

Fred & Victoria Kurulak

Dick Lane

Roy R. & Ella LaRose

George E. Lee

Vernon & Sylvia Leland

Roy & Beth Levee

Fred & Dolores Longstaff

William D. Louden & Family

Ivan & Darlene Lung & Family

Leonard & Evelyn Lung

The Most Reverend James P. Mahoney

M. Rea Martin

Robert B. & Norma McKercher

Jim McPeak

George Z. Merkley

Alvin F. & Urdine Miller

Charles S. Mitchell

Elias A. Moen

Harold C. Moss

Ira & Marjorie Mumford

Hugh H. Nicholson

S. Clare Phillips

Leslie G. Pritchard

Lorna C. Purdy

Gordon E. Racine

Michael & Ewka Raychyba

Don & June Rennie

Ross D. Reynolds

W. Murray Riddell

Earle & Jean Ripley

Malcolm V. Rondeau

Earl & Avelin Rouatt

Alexander M. Runciman, O.C., & Marjorie E. Runciman

Harold F. Schnell

Morris E. Sebulsky

Andrew & Olga Sereda

William Shevkenek

James N. & Marion E. Smart

A.G. (Bud) Smith

James Smith

A.Gordon South, C.M.

Roland & Terri St. Arnaud

Howard J. Stensrud

John W.B. Stewart

Gertrude Story

Cecil & Jeannette Stushnoff

Ralph Albert Stutt

Donald J. Tait

Philip J. Thair

David & Carole Thompson

Doug & Pat Thompson

Torie S. Tollefson

Frederich & Rosa Townley-Smith

William & Sarah Townley-Smith

Allan & Madge Tubby

Edward K. Turner, C.M. & Mel Turner

Edwin Cecil Weetman

Muriel Joyce (Fredeen) Welling

Arthur & Jean Wenhardt

E.S. (Sam) & Agnes Whatley

William J. & Edythe M. White

Rudy & Joey Wiens

Charles M. Williams, C.M.

William M. Wilson

Adam Winisky

James O. Wright

Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists

Saskatchewan Vocational Agriculturalists’ Association

Agriculture Students Association

Saskatchewan Agricultural Graduates Association

*Honorary President

 Biographical Sketches of the Sodbusters can be found at the Main Library or at the Information Kiosk, College of Agriculture.