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SAGA Executive - 2018

The SAGA Executive meets 8 times a year (once a month from September until April) to discuss issues concerning the College Alumni, students of the College of Agriculture and Bioresources, and to plan the annual Reunion Weekend.

If you are interested in being on the SAGA Executive, please contact us

The 2018 SAGA Executive is:

Honorary President

Past President
Lucas Ringdal C'12

Mayson Maerz C'83

Vice President

Dennis Ewanus C'70

Raelene Petracek C'86

Vern Racz C'68

Ewald Lammerding S'88

Ag Hall of Fame
Bryon Harvey C'60


Banquet & Mixer 
Ewald Lammerding S'88

Billy Brown C'14

Crop Production Week
Keith Head C'67

College Development Officer
Hamish Tulloch C'91

Carson Jorgenson

Members At Large
Ken Warkentin C'65
Irene Ahner C'65
Blair Cummins S'77
Paige Newton C'89

College Development Coordinator
Tanya Napper